> Luang Prabang, Laos - January 2005

Cathy Receives Her Bracelets
A Female Village Leader
Village Leaders
Marty Partying with the Locals
More Lao Dancers
Lao Dancers
Cy Takes a Rest
Everyone travels by boat
Young Ruffians?
Young Monk
Agricultural Scene
Elephant Mosaic
Young Entrepeneurs
Young Monks in the Morning
The Laotian Manneken Pis
The Ubiquitous Antennae
Sign Becomes Offering
A Buddha sitting on Naga
Washing Day
On the Grounds of the Royal Palace Museum
WC group
Women waiting for Monks
Land of Foggy Hills
Remnants in the Cave of the 1000 Buddhas
Little Boy and his Grandmother
Laotian Wat
Sleeping Buddha
George in the Hotel
Elaine at our Welcome/Farewell Ceremony